Dominant idea of the day's Office:

Love of God shown by devotion to the Holy Eucharist.

Prayer Before Reciting The Office

O LORD, open my mouth to bless Thy holy name; cleanse my heart too, from all vain, perverse, and distracting thoughts; enlighten my understanding, inflame my affections: that I may recite this Office with worthy attention and devotion, and may merit to be heard in the sight of Thy Divine majesty.  Through Christ Our Lord.  Amen. 

Lord, I offer Thee these Hours in union with that Divine intention wherewith Thou didst offer praise to God while Thou wert on earth. 


(For the necessities of the Church)

Our Father Most Holy, our Creator, our Redeemer and Savior, our Consoler, make us love Thee with all our strength, by spending all our forces and all our faculties of soul and body in the service of Thy Love and on nothing else… 

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be


May we love our neighbors as ourselves, by getting them all as much as we can to love Thee…

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be


Give us this day our daily bread — Thy Beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ…

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be


Give it to us today, so that we may remember, appreciate, and venerate the love He had for us, and all that He said and did and endured for us… 

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be


And forgive us our debts, in Thine unspeakable mercy and in virtue of the sufferings of Thy Beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.  

(The Lord’s Praises in the Our Father) 

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be



(For the necessities of America)

Be praised, my Lord, for Sister Mother Earth,

Who sustains and guides us,

And brings forth fruits of many kinds, with multi-colored flowers and grass.  

(Canticle of the Sun)   

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be


(For the necessities of Bishops and Priests)

It is His Father’s Will that all of us should be saved through Him and should receive Him with a clean heart and a chaste body.  

(Letter to All the Faithful)

 Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be



(For the necessities of Religious)

Let everybody halt in awe, let all the world quake, and let Heaven exult, when Christ, the Son of the living God, is present on the altar.  

(Letter to the General Chapter) 

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be


(For the necessities of Vocations)

Bring all the reverence and all the respect you ever can bear on the Most Holy Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom whatever there is in Heaven and on earth is appeased and reconciled to God Almighty.  

(Letter to the General Chapter) 

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be



(For the necessities of Families)

The Lord gave me such faith as regards churches that I prayed and said in simple fashion:  We adore Thee, O Lord Jesus Christ, here and in every church all over the world, and we bless Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.  (Testament)

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be



(For the necessities of Relatives)

These Most Sacred Mysteries I wish to see respected and venerated above all things, and kept in richly ornamented places.  (Testament)

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be


(For the necessities of Friends)

Please, O Lord, may the fiery, honeyed force of Thy love lap up my mind from everything under Heaven: so that I may die for love of Thy love, who deigned to die for love of my love.  (Authentic Prayers)

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be

Prayer After Reciting The Office



to the humanity of our crucified Lord Jesus Christ, to the fruitful purity of the most glorious and blessed Mary ever Virgin, and to all the Saints, be everlasting praise, honor, power and glory rendered by every creature, and to us be given the remission of all our sins, for all eternity.  Amen. 

V. Blessed womb of the Virgin Mary, which bore the Son of the Eternal Father, 

R. And blessed breasts, which nursed the Christ Our Lord.

Our Father, Hail Mary

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